Old Rome

One becomes necessary still to identify the factors that had taken great authors, poets and writers of Latin language to relate literature, satire and other subjects of so marcante form, leaving of the estimated one that the satirical facts follow a trajectory since the Latin time until the modern times, attempting against always for the occured modifications in this passage and the actions that had taken the so significant transformations in this literary scope, emphasizing since I in the historical context. Rank this, considering that literature and its sources are a subject that is significantly present in day-by-day of the education, this article discourses an exposition of as certain authors had used themselves of characteristic resources of the satire to engrandecer its workmanships. Thus developing, objective to demonstrate the relevance of the satire to construct it literary. For in such a way, a labor research with the intention of better basing the content of the subject was carried through on question, providing resulted that they had made use the continuous search of knowledge related to the practical one of the satire in the Latin literary productions. The inquiry objectified to reach, beyond these goals, the knowledge of this subject of a general form. The adopted deductive methodology, leaving of the description-literary contextualizao and the reasons of the inclusion of the basic concept of what it is satire, allowed the understanding acurada of the factors favorable or still adverse to the success of the suggested authors in the achievement of its objectives, what for its action is of utmost importance for the logical outcome them gifts in the workmanships in question. 1.BREVE HISTORICAL OF the LATIN LITERATURE Inside of the imdico scope of literature is significantly present a body of written literary compositions in Latin, to this body to still give to the name of Latin literature or Roman. This in turn, remains until the current times as a lasting and essential estate of a relatively present culture, that is of Old Rome, between which is great gifts productions with sources of the poetry, comedy, tragedy, satire, history and rhetoric, subjects these that had particularly as base, mainly the literary tradition of origin Greek, since that this was in an important degree of matureness, however are of utmost importance to emphasize that exactly with the fall of the Roman Empire Occidental person Latin literature, as the language also of this origin, had continued to still play central role in the European civilization and occidental person.