Metropolitan River

In the truth the idea of the transposition, is not unanimous. For the government it is a inadivel workmanship, on the other hand, they do not lack contrary ideas, for some the solution for the problem of dries, for others the sprouting of new problems, therefore the San Francisco, has much time comes being punished with the use indiscriminate of its waters and for the deforestation of its ciliares bushes, provoking assoreamento in some points of the river. It has who affirms that the workmanship will be disastrous, therefore will not go to improve the life of the devoid population, being able to compromise the hdrico regimen of the river San Francisco. One still argues the uncertainty of the economic viability of the Project and the lack of clarity to the social benefits and the distribution of income that will be able to bring. Others say that the workmanship is viable technical and must generate new jobs, increase of income and reduction of the population migration, with the implantation of the agronegcio.

According to Dom Luis Flvio Cappio, in its book the River San Francisco: one walked between the life and the death, denounces the ambient impacts, the poverty the expropriation of communities that live to the edges of the river, populations that they had not been indemnified, situations provoked for the model of economic and neoliberal development, what human and truily social. Conclusion the new proposals of the Project they will have to favor a bigger development of urban economic activities (industry, commerce and services). It is esteem generation of about 80.000 new jobs in the receiving basins and more 350,000 jobs in the other potentially beneficiary regions in function of projects you integrated in other basins (Region Metropolitan of $fortaleza and the pernambucano Wasteland), giving has supported to the balanced absorption of the migratory contingents in the cities.