Marriage Bond

Presenting Emma a Bidamon: a I wanted to start my participation by a very brief introduction in which I will mention that tonight I accompanied, as you have seen a group of women with whom I joined a very special bond, I venture to say that hardly can be found throughout history, a situation similar to that, by divine command, has corresponded live . to each of us have been united in the sacred bond of marriage, to share our lives with the same man, sealed and muted by the secrecy that we should accept under agreement not being able to disclose to anyone, not even our own family, under penalty of being condemned to suffer the most cruel punishment, punishment, hardly the human mind is capable of imagining. a One of the hardest and most traumatic experiences that a woman can endure throughout his life under the yoke of a marriage officiated in the Holy Temple by the power of the priesthood, for this life and eternity. a Personally, says Emma, I have always felt a strong rejection of this heinous practice of plural marriage, on several occasions I have been severely reprimanded for what considered a thoughtless act of rebellion against the designs of the Creator and an arrogant attitude that challenged the patriarchal authority of my husband. a This I mention by way of introduction is the reason or the reason why these ladies have decided to join me and share with you their experiences. Pretend fare reporting the facts as they have occurred, regardless of all types of assessments that might be a subjective or biased, it has not been my way of approaching life and I have no intention of making innovations now.