Logistics Manager

For managing company-wide carrier movements ALPLA leads the container management system of EURO-LOG a Hallbergmoos-Munchen, 16 July 2012 the specialist for plastic packaging ALPLA sets to manage its grid boxes on the container management system of EURO-LOG. With the intelligent software solution, both internal and external tank circuits can be mapped across in the future. In the new system, ALPLA has actual container stocks in real time at a glance. ALPLA wants transparency over the container movements of high-quality grid boxes, pallets with the software solution and reach more way carriers are awarded to various customers. Reasons for the introduction of an innovative solution by EURO-LOG are high manual effort and lack of transparency about the cycles of the various charge carriers at ALPLA. The container data collected previously in various in-house systems, does not state a holistic overview of the customers Available.

The return of empties, as well as the reconciliation of customer accounts caused high costs and last but not least dissatisfaction at the customer. Differences had to be matched in lengthy and costly processes. Thanks to the Web-based tools by EURO-LOG active control of the tank circuits is possible for ALPLA now. For this the system technical barriers be overcome quickly because ALPLA and all partners now have a common, transparent data base – without changing the own systems. The competent empties Dispatcher at the plant has a quick overview of all of the customer’s transactions. In addition to the simplified voting can also demand the empties and cost optimized be traced. Authorization profiles can be customized for your own employees and customers so that each access to relevant data.

ALPLA is the advantage of container management system into the overarching solution that creates transparency internally and externally. We reach the Container management system of EURO-LOG both for us and for our customers transparency.