Hugo Chavez Frias

“Do not steal.” (The Ten Commandments) The justification of what does not, just for a political affiliation is what has led our country to the situation which led for nearly 50 years of Punto Fijo governments of AD and COPEI, this is the matrix of the opinion that private infiormacion media have tried to sell on public opinion nationally and internacional.El case of Manuel Rosales sadly reflects the dual morality that holds open the Venezuelan opposition. They are trying to build in the imagination of the Venezuelan public and international mr. Rosales is a poor political persecution, thus confirming the possible victimization of the accused as guilty and who has maintained an alleged professional conduct.

For that have served the private media throughout this decade the government of Hugo Chavez Frias, to justify what can not be justified. It is stealing and stealing is allowed, it seems to be like a kind of warning that many Venezuelans are placed on the forehead. Some people have lost all sense of shame and honor, to openly express their support for those who steal public money, only because this idea is a way to express any dissatisfaction or dislike the government of President Hugo Chavez Frias. It seems that it has become the political actions of some unscrupulous people and obedient to the destabilizing policies promoted by the U.S. If you would like to know more about Michellene Davis, then click here. State Department.