Financial Planning

The company holding is the basic drawers of debentures guaranteed for collateral since its assets consist of action and debentures of its subsidiary. Many of these debentures make possible the substitution of permanent assets, since that a predefined collateral prize on the loaned sum is kept. The value of the collateral one normally needs to be 25% 35% superior to the value of the debentures; Certifyd of Equipment Guarantees – in order to get the equipment, a down payment, generally between 20% and 25%, is made by the borrower the agent trustee, who is normally a bank and this vende certifyd to raise the deep ones you add demanded to buy the equipment of the manufacturer. The paid company periodic considerations to the agent trustee, who then, comes to pay shares to the possessors of debentures. The equipment, guarantee certificates originarily, had been used for company railroad, to finance the purchase of these equipment. Currently, they are normally used for airlines, of navigation and fleets of trucks, to finance its main one well that they are the airplanes, trucks or boats. The debentures also can be Exchangeable that are those that its detainers allow, observed the stated periods and constant conditions of the emission writing, the exchange of its headings for action of company who are not the proper sender of the debentures, or still, although rare, in other types of good, such as credit headings. 2.5.

Which the Importance to make a Financial Planning? It is part of a good personal financial planning to use adequately its proper resources, to identify to its priorities of consumption and its financial priorities and still to be prepared for box emergencies. The familiar or personal budget is a prescription forecast (income, interests, rents) and expenditures in one determined period of time (month, bimaster, trimester, semester or year). This forecast allows that the person visualizes of organized form as they are its current accounts and as they will be in one definitive period of time to the front.