Enebral Fernandez

Within the business processes of a company should be considered the innovation process that covers from the generation of ideas, through viability test until the marketing of the product or service. Ideas can refer to develop or improve a new product, service or process. Innovation requires awareness and balance to transport ideas, of the imaginary or fictional field, field projects and implementations. Jose Enebral Fernandez, on the relevance of the topic says, that when talking about competition, we mean not only companies in the sector that threaten to reduce our presence in the market, but also to everything what can discourage our customers, including, for example, new habits, values and trends emerging in society. Obviously, in moments of crisis, also compete with all that to the client primarily directs their purchasing power: If you can manage without our products/services, our business will suffer and we have survival solutions.Even with the economic situation just improving, will have much care for our competitiveness in the global market.

Porter and other authors have given us valuable input on competitive strategy and differentiation, but everyone must continue to reflect the connection on our business, attentive to the environment and anticipating the future, nourish and maintain our solidity. And speaking of innovation, can not think only in technological renewal or the incorporation of best practices, but also and perhaps above all, in delving into the terra incognita of knowledge in each field (technical or business management), and generate new, valuable, attractive solutions offered by anyone yet, for those who customers expect them perhaps unknowingly. We also have appropriate reflections of many authors here Ridderstrale spoke to us of temporary monopoly, as also very instructive cases in the generation of innovations of impact.Indeed, in the era of knowledge and lifelong learning, we must learn what others know, but, also, what anyone; not yet known We must investigate, explore, discover, devise, i.e., to innovate, to attract the attention of the market. We do not innovate in sufficient measure, nor always hit with the news that we generate; sometimes missing tuning with the needs or expectations of customers, if it is not already failed their own identification. We sometimes also identify genuine emerging competition, and perhaps unsuccessful decisions.

Areas to innovate tells us about them Enebral Hernandez, Vadim Kotelnikov pointed out some as: the products and services offered. Functional processes. Relations with customers. Own innovation management. The quality assurance system. Direction or management system Enterprise. Production techniques. The management of information and knowledge. The organizational culture. Harnessing human capital conclusions not to neglect the potential that each brings and gives way to innovation, but since then, consider all factors that favor him so that when it manifests itself, established actions, plans that favor him in the objectives, results that derive from it. Being attentive management on modern business behavior and his participation in established markets, can become aware of weaknesses in some competing companies and enable innovation so that it is a competitive advantage that will help towards the plans defined in relation to the conquest and permanence of achieved market. It should not be overlooked that innovation: improving the relationship with the client to present you new benefits. It allows new arguments to sales. It increases the level of sales to press onto the replacement’s product index. Improves the image of company presenting it as active and modern.