Electronic Cataloguing Application

At the moment we are happening through a period of I disillusion with Nuevas Tecnologas (NT) related to Internet, and in particular to the electronic commerce, the appearance of Internet has produced an impact sufficiently hard to degenerate in irrational, accompanied euphoria of a logical depression before the necessary adjustment of expectations. Indicates this the lack of utility of the New Technologies? The answer is evidently not. Its contribution is really in the capacity to optimize and to add value to the business, as much in traditional models as new, not in sustaining impossible .com s. That is to say, one is to reduce costs, to improve the maneuverability and to allow a much more direct interaction with the client, but this demands a concientious work of analysis of the awaited results and the risks that consider. As case of study, this article concentrates in a field of especially interesting application: the electronic cataloguing. We will see of form makes specific what benefits can contribute the New Technologies and also an analysis of risks summarized that lets glimpse the prudence with which a project of New Technologies is due to confront. What is the electronic cataloguing? The electronic cataloguing includes/understands the electronic management of any type of susceptible information to being structured, with tendency to a hierarchic organization. The most typical case constitutes product catalogues, but it also includes the creation of other hierarchic structures of information as a directory of companies or a telephone directory, even systems that are not associated of natural form to a catalogue as electronic Segundamano or a real estate directory fits in a profile of cataloguing project. Because electronic cataloguing? The electronic cataloguing contributes very important benefits, are three great arguments to have a system of electronic cataloguing in a company with an ample product range: The phenomenon of islands of the information.