Container Shipping

“One of the factors that influence the development of the global container shipping market was the rise of the euro versus the dollar. This stimulated the re-orientation of container cargo flows from Asia to the U.S. to Europe. It is assumed that in order to absorb this flow of goods, the European line in the next year may leave the new container vessels with a total capacity of up to 40 thousand 20-foot containers (TEU). And this neither more nor less than a quarter of world production shipyards. According to the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy of South Korea’s development of container terminals in the ports of China has stimulated the construction of container ships.

And Russia is also activated by container shipping. According to research agency InfrNews Container Transportation in Russia and neighboring countries: results of 2006, turnover of the Russian container market grew last year by 25%, from 1.92 million to 2.40 million teu. If we assume that all incoming volumes and domestic rail transport, a 2006 turnover of containerized cargo in Russia increased by 45,9%. up to 3.88 million teu. That is a modern traffic growth in the tens of percent. According to information released by rbc Daily, in 2007 the turnover of the Russian container market may increase by one third – up to 5 million teu.

And by 2010, and up to 7-8 million teu. Including due to the increase of container transit from the Baltic countries and Finland. In this case, according to InfrNews, Russian containers occupy more than half the total market of the Baltic states.