Buying Advice

A good professional advice is essential when purchasing a mattress. Purchasing consultant mattresses the mattress is particularly important for a healthy night’s sleep. Due to different factors such as body weight and size, it is not possible to make a blanket statement about the individually correct mattress. It is therefore important to find out about the different types of mattresses, and to know their advantages and disadvantages. The degree of hardness of the mattress the right mattress must have the correct degree of hardness for a perfect reclining position.

Basis for determining the degree of hardness is the body weight of the sleeper. As a rule of thumb is: the one is heavier, the mattress should be the harder to better absorb the weight to. It should be that the hardness of most of the manufacturers is set and is not standardized noted however. Often five degrees of hardness are distinguished with the hardness level 1 for very light people with up to 60 kg body weight is appropriate, the degree of hardness of 5 on the other hand is suitable for heavy persons with more than 100 kg of body weight. In addition, but also mattresses with a variable degree of hardness can be purchased. In addition to the weight selection of the right mattress but also the factors of body weight, State of health and body shape play a role for that, so that the degree of hardness may vary individually. Check the elasticity of the mattress next to the hardness of the elasticity also plays an important role when buying a mattress. It is important so that the mattress can fit perfectly on the body shape and supporting the body perfectly. If possible, voids should not resulting in the spine so that the spine can maintain their S-forming. The pressure of shoulders and pelvis should be included also precisely from the mattress.