Business Plan

Before starting a business you need to have a plan. Your business idea should be based on a document where to specify all the characteristics of your project. To develop a business plan, you generate a letter where your goals and the way in which you concretaras them are recorded. A simple way of starting it is established by order of importance what you want to achieve. Design your financial goals and the strategies you will use to realize your plan of action. Usually many SMEs do not have a plan. However, if the business owner spends him time and effort you get advantages over its competitors, since the factors that will influence the success of your business will not be governed by luck or chance, but for a detailed plan. Important points within the Business Plan:-Business Idea set the scene in which your business will develop.

What offers over existing products or services. -Product description public which is directed. Values that set apart it from the competition. -Market market levels. Who is this directed the product or service. -Competitors compare with competitors.

Similar products that are already on the market. -Financial plan detailing the cost of the investment. Projection of 3 to 5 years. Financing needs. -Computer experience and skills of the persons participating in the project. Mission and objectives of the team. -Level of State development in which the project is located. Commencement of operations or development. -Marketing and sales strategies to follow for positioning the product or service. -Risks and strategies at a glance of the current market. Situations that would put at risk the growth of the business. Just remember that before putting an idea into action it is necessary to structure it through a plan. The scene in which great ideas are developed is very vast, so before starting your business you don’t forget to devote a few hours a day in your business plan. Luck.