Helena Aramendia

In the case of the person who needs to mount a business, it is reaching the conclusion that it cannot because is considering only the lack of time and resources. Watching it thus, it is right all the of the world, cannot do nothing else. Nevertheless, if ample the perspective, will occur account, for example, […]

ERP For Accounting

10 years ago back the countable systems like Peachtree, Quickbooks and others entered the market of the SMEs, immediately I am positioned like the tool that the SMEs had to use for knowing the reality of the companies. This consequently brought an absolute power of the accounting on the companies and that the owners of […]


Here I mention a primary prescription to you, that contains the 6 necessary minimum ingredients, so that you can be accepted like a leader of whom they are in favor to your around. Next I present/display those fundamental abilities to you that you would have to begin to cultivate, to learn, to understand and to […]