Here I mention a primary prescription to you, that contains the 6 necessary minimum ingredients, so that you can be accepted like a leader of whom they are in favor to your around. Next I present/display those fundamental abilities to you that you would have to begin to cultivate, to learn, to understand and to practice with other people if you wish to guide them towards some specific objective who you have in mind. Insofar as you acquire a more advanced knowledge of them, and you use that them of more responsible way, you will occur to account of that you will be able to reach your goals of one more a easier way, since the Leadership locks up the secrets of how handling the relations indeed. The characteristics that I mention to you are described next: 1. To be able of Influence: The Leaders are mainly people with a developed power of persuasion. This power is, fundamentally, that energy that we do not understand, but that we know that it exists and that the Leaders to learn to use consciously to induce to others to change its destinies. If hope that the others act according to your indications, but nonlow threat or obligation, you will necessarily have to expand your abilities of influence on the others. Although you believe that it is difficult to own, and that it is not between your repertoire of congenital abilities, I must decirte that is not certain; this characteristic also can be learned.

2. Complete behavior: This one is characterized by the coherent expression between the different actions from the leader. All we are able to recognize it exerts who it of correct way with us and who deceives to us, making believe a false Integrity us. Very frequently we see how amount of Leaders and leaders says a thing and does another one, how, for example they demand honesty to its town, while they maintain governments whose levels of corruption surpass the one of the majority of the countries of the world. The Leader who does not demonstrate this characteristic sincerely, from now on, will not deserve to enjoy that title. 3. Experience in Communication: Like Leader, the suitable and assertive communication will be one of your main priorities, with the intention of taking of effective form, to your group, the vision that you have designed for the success of the organization or company that you set out. This one will be your greater challenge.

4. Creative thought: This condition is the center of intelligence of driving of the Leader, the creative thought is nothing less than the way different to see the reality, to solve the problems and to generate those ideas, that as raw gems will contribute later benefits to you for the improvement of the standard of life, the advances, the progress and all series of benefits that will satisfy the needs with the human being. 5. Emotional intelligence: This term is a little difficult to understand, because it is really a set of abilities that you must have the discipline to practice. An effective Leader must reach the heart of people, through demonstrating his genuine interest by them and Emotional Intelligence will allow you to include/understand the psychological artifices of the human behavior that will guide to you this aim.