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Conventional tests can detect alcohol and drugs only in the range of hours until just a few days and does not distinguish between occasional consumption (social drinker”) and persistent abuse. DerTrimega Web site ( support will find everything you need to know about the hair analysis proof of abstinence with an accurate representation of its […]

Berlin Tel Factory

The Youth Conference is aimed at: executives and employees of Youth offices, by free carriers of child and youth welfare, social welfare authorities, associations and more interested in the topic. The topics and speakers of the Conference:-Dr. Stefanie Huttenlocher legal rules: more rights for biological fathers–in the interest of their children – Michael Grabow the […]

Ulrich Goetze

V., with their array of expert on the subject… The topics in detail: Caution case! The nonprofit corporation in the field of steuerbegunstigtem status and economic activity (Ulrich Goetze) Current legal developments in the nonprofit – and sales tax law (Thomas by Holt) The tax audit in social enterprises – non-profit corporations in the focus […]

German Agency

Equal, whether addressed a campaign on the Board of management, marketing, sales or IT head of Dax listed companies or to the Chief Executive Officer of small and medium-sized enterprises. BRC’s trained and experienced staff of triveo will find the correct words, Act and respond sensitively and situational, not only due to their respective leadership, […]

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Jobs in the newspaper allows companies to create a positive image of an employer and to attract the best professionals. That shows an employer branding study of the ZMG. Frankfurt am Main, 23 October 2013. The vast majority of employment 79 percent uses the newspaper, printed or online, for the job search. The results of […]