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The artist died aged 84 in Rome, where he resided for more than 50 years. Twombly is considered one of the best masters of abstract expressionism. He was attached to the Mediterranean civilization and his work was strongly influenced by classical, Greek and Latin mythology, and European literature. The American artist Cy Twombly has died in a Rome hospital aged 83, said Eric Mezil, director of the collection Lambert in Avignon (France), which currently displays the last major exhibition of that artist. Twombly, resident in Italy for more than 50 years, was hospitalized for days in the Italian capital, as he assured Mezil, who described the U.S. as one of the best teachers. Considered by scholars one of the most influential artists of the second half of the 20th century and early 21st, Twombly is more European American painter of his generation, because of the influence that has had his work having lived in Italy at the beginning of the Decade of the sixties. Born in 1928 in Lexington (Virginia, USA), Twombly was an artist attached to Mediterranean civilization and his work was strongly influenced by classical, Greek and Latin, mythology and all European literature, from Archilochus or Catulo until Rilke or T.S.

Eliot. Mezil, who knew him for 20 years, said Twombly was discovered in Italy the love for the Mediterranean, through the history of art and ancient culture. The Lambert gallery dedicated to him in 2007 in Avignon, situated in the Southeast French town, an exhibition, Blooming, for which the artist especially created a cycle of immense paintings around peonies. Satisfied, according to Mezil, he decided to resume his collaboration with this gallery with a new exhibition, focusing this time on photography, which he himself emerged as the Commissioner and who planned to visit this month of September, shortly before the October 30 close sample. It is, in the opinion of the director of that space, the last large exhibition devoted to the artist, who joined France their relationship for 40 years with his dealer Yvon Lambert, and his love for one of their great artists, as the painter of the century XVII Nicolas Poussin. London precisely dedicated an exhibition to the similarities between Twombly and Poussin, an artist that Twombly said that she would like to embody, in another era he had had the occasion. Both moved to the capital of Italy with 30 years, this country spent most of their lives and from there jumped to stardom of the painting in their respective pictorial times, which in the case of Twombly was reflected in abstract expressionism. Source of the news: he died in Rome the painter, sculptor and photographer American Cy Twombly