The Workers

In a nutshell the excess in the staff turnover rate was being caused because workers had been able to find in your employment within the company the motivation required to commit themselves to such a degree that can create a strong link between the employee and the organization. Consequently, the reduction of the rate of staff turnover may symbolize a huge savings for the organizations, both from the financial point of view to achieve disappear or decrease the costs generated by high turnover, as from the production point of view to have a better integration of the staff. And of course this reduction also brings benefits to society, since it causes greater stability and job security which is reflected so positive in the family of each of the workers circle. Proposal 1) Designing a programme of induction. (2) Design a system of merit assessment. (3) Achieve that mission and Vision is known, accepted and perceived as its own by the workers. (4) Implement a system of values.

(5) Make quedepartamentos in time have the material resources used paying on time and the way providers. (6) Cultivating a culture of internal customer. (7) Cultivating a culture of synergy. (8) To improve the dining room and the food of employees, the idea is to be a place nice, comfortable, and enjoyable. (9) Change the remuneration system.

Salaries compared with those in the region, are not bad, even found in the average in the region. 1. Payment of the tips is done in a timely manner, and 2. (establish an awards system based on two approaches: to) reward for departmental objectives achieved (reward teamwork). b) reward individual performance finally with this proposal does not try to increase the level of remuneration, but tries to adapt the How to pay a in such a way that is motivating and satisfying for the workers. (10) Constant training to all managers about situational leadership, conflict management and team work.