National Vampires

Here is a list of all the types of vampires in the world … or is it that you thought only existed Dracula? … ASANBOSAM: Asanbosam Africa is a vampire. They are normal vampires except that they have hooks instead of feet. They bite their victims on the thumb. Adze: A vampire spirit that dwells in the tribes of sorcerers, the people who inhabit the southeastern part of Ghana and southern Togo in Africa.

The Adze flies in the form of firefly but, if it is captive, it changes and becomes a human being. Drinks blood, palm oil and coconut water and preys on children, especially those who are beautiful. ALGUL: A vampire Arabic. The form of the vampire is traditional: a female demon who gives feast on dead babies. ALP: The German vampire is associated with the boogeyman and the incubus, normally round at night and dreams of women. Viola and sucks the blood of women entering her bedroom through their erotic dreams. Priate them dream, he physically materializes.

Demonstrations physical creature can be very dangerous. Always associated with nightmares, the Alp is male, sometimes becomes the spirit of a recently deceased relative. Children can become Alp when a mother uses the "horse collar" to facilitate delivery. During the Middle Ages the Alp appears as a cat, pig, bird or other animal, including a demon dog in Cologne lechorus well connected within the werewolf legend. In all its manifestations the Alp is known for the use of a hat.