The Pious

Perhaps, in situations like the above, we ask ourselves, for the reasons, if any, there’s that belong to one species, which as we have said, is the only one on the face of this planet that has awareness of being, i.e. that we are condemned to know of our existence, from its beginning to its inevitable end, the certainty of the birth and the constant stalking of death isconstitute core elements of human drama. The questions put to us, require some response, and this response we seek diligently, very rarely arises from our internal jurisdiction, it is likely that in the desire to meet anxiety that overwhelms us in how much to the reasons for our current condition in this life, where arise the attributes of our species, and especially, towards where we are headed, gather to search for the different positions that on this momentous subject us exhibited by those who they proclaim as guides, licensed counselors, possessors of the mystique and unique key capable of opening us the gates of infinity. Go to Payoneer for more information. The market of enlightened knowledge that aims to give an answer to our questions, is crowded offers, if we could traverse it, as who runs a fair, we oiriamos to their merchants chanting loudly the advantages of their statements, calling our attention through the pious aggressiveness of their arguments. In every corner of this imaginary fair are you tell us that this specific place, and none of the other places that surrounds them, is the only true knowledge, which is to them, and only them, which they have been given the power to lead us to salvation, to the meeting of paradise lost. To pass through that world, the world of the ISMS will see that the simple fact of being alive, makes us a valuable commodity, a prey to appealing to make offerings to their gods, whether these gods, canonized, idealized, or deambulen lost along the paths of nihilism.