Melo Naranjo Orlando

Farewell Final for my precious baby that precious diras gabriel? Nothing! that will tell those who know that these dead. Learn more at: Pinterest. my heart says of you, quite the contrary. never my tears have been more sincere. I just want to tell you that you’ll be there, in that place safe and pleasant, where you can reach the envy and resentment of anyone, where the ingratitude of good deeds never make fun of you, where anger and hatred of men rather than brothers are now enemies, you can spread. fundete in the sky and quemate like a star, but leave me the taste of the fire. It ceases to exist so that you exist in God. you love me as I love you.

for this reason, I have to say goodbye. your identify that your father has always tried to forget everything that starts to become idolatry in his life. therefore now more to forget I have to tell you goodbye my precious angel. This form of my precious proceed, me has brought a series of enemies than if they had the power to arrancame la vida lo would do. many of these beings belittle your father because you don’t live like them or not practised the way mechanics live their lives. on a daily basis they violated it. (As opposed to Rich Dad Poor Dad).

which makes me converserme doubly from the road I’ve proposed me lead to good term. This is the third and last time by a very long year volvere to write you, tie since not a hare it idolatry. you were a human being who died, like many of those who die daily. only something has given you a powerful advantage over all of us, and is that you can now melt you with God. fsoc to God of your father in order to examine my mistakes quickly and separate me from that which does not suit me. where virtue is my counselor and your memory my passed Muse. your mother can tell that already is not on my side, but that since the met never take another woman’s body to make it mine. attests that fidelity to the eternal and sovereign, God my soul, truth, your uncle john jairo and your uncle juan carlos. Since these last were always willing to introduce myself any woman to take her to bed, if I available. but the heart of your mother I was so nice that he was the only person that I could find complacency. now that you’re no longer would like to embrace your tender hands and kiss them with my lips then take your delicate body and hold it against my chest. in order to find a reason to go on living. but as these, I have desided let me govern by the rule of reason and the powerful running of love that everything you can do and everything succeeds. In conclusion dire that subsequently to dedicate a series of works on your behalf to then forget you for always and only bring you to my memory when I go to heaven, I love you my precious angel my precious gabriel.