The Documents

To bring soap and shampoo is not necessary – in any decent hotel you will get them absolutely free of charge, as well as a towel. True, in order to wiped on the beach, you have to take his own: to make towels for the hotel grounds are usually prohibited. Shoes – one of the most cumbersome piece of luggage. However, the beach resort allows you to have only three pairs: comfortable sneakers or loafers for hiking, slates to the sea, and shoes for an evening together, with "convenient" is likely to be worn by you at the time of departure from home. And finally, the last group of things called "accessories." It includes camera, shaver or epilator, hair, sunglasses, beach bag, etc. And do not forget to bring your charger for your mobile phone without any connection in our time can not do. For the rest, in ski resort require the same, plus warm clothing: a pair of sweaters and trousers, hat and gloves.

But do skis or snowboard with a drag it is not necessary – it's all available for hire on site already. Vacations in another town Carry vacation without leaving their own country, is also quite good, especially when you consider that there is also the sea, rivers and scenic lakes and magnificent mountains. It is not necessary to have a passport to get nervous waiting for visas and think about the language barrier. And if suddenly you can not take something from you right things to buy them would be much easier, would be money. But the documents must not be forgotten: they are needed and when checking into a hotel or boarding house, and when dealing with law enforcement officials. Rest of town and country recreation enthusiasts hiking or water trips can spend your holidays surrounded by nature, having a lot of interesting and exciting experience and saving on stay at the hotel.