First Consumption Innovators

As an engine of progress, the team first takes on new items, bearing all the risks associated with buying and using an unknown commodity. It is up to them comes the first view, the first assessment, determine in the future as a commodity to be adopted by the following, less progressive, consumer groups. Innovators – the personification of protest rationalism as the main idea of consumption, adherents of the large and not very reasonable expenses. Indispensable motivation for their consumption is a new experience, the pleasure of knowing the unknown, an experiment. The negative result of the consumption is almost never does innovators significant emotional harm or disappointment.

Generally, these people are not inclined to pessimism and other negative character nuances. As hunters, explorers, archaeologists, innovators are more motivated by the very possibility of open than its essence. The same can be said about the consumption of a group of innovators. A completely new feature instantly familiar subject is of interest as an opportunity for the innovators of the experience is not important – positive or negative, risky or safe. Almost all presently known consumer technology began with the experiments conducted it was producers on this 'experimental' group. Think black and white display mobile phone, film, large monitors and TVs – all of this, we used to so far, if at the time was not innovative new technologies, functions and ideas. Remember the dog-robot 'Aybo' from Sony, which appeared in unconscious response to the need for communication of citizens living alone, unable to care for a pet because of lack of time – an idea never would have had the right to life without the support of innovators.