The Case

It always is forwarded in relation to somebody, while the Certified one is always for algum.' ' (RASP, 2010) WHAT Heading MUST CONSIST IN a DECLARATION? D AND C L the C TO – in capital, separate letters and centered. Text? it is initiated with I declare or We declare after that the reasons. Place and dates? it must be written by extensive. Signature (s)? name and position of the drawer. FORWARDING ' ' It is the decision pronounced for administrative authority, in the case submitted to its appreciation, being able to be favorable or favorable to the managed, employee requested pretension for or no.' ' (CRETELLA JNIOR) the forwarding is given in process leaf, in the scope of the administration public to give guiding to the processes, to seem and faster answers without necessities of CI. PROCLAMATION ' ' It is an instrument of communication used for the administration to give to knowledge the interested parties on diverse subjects, such as opening of licitations, provisionses of public offices, invocations of employees, competitions, etc.

Must be published in Federal official gazette? I GIVE e, when necessary, in the press privada.' ' (RASP, 2010) the advantage of the proclamation on other administrative acts, is that after published, nobody it can allege unfamiliarity of what it are mentioned. Another advantage is its abrangncia, reaching bigger number of interested parties. Forwarded for Presidents of Commissions. WHAT IT MUST CONSIST IN an EDICTAL Heading? PROCLAMATION all-caps, followed of the numeration of control and date of expedition. Text? development of the subject with division of paragraphs. Signature? name and position of the competent authority. FAX (Fac smile) Is a modality of communication for transmission of urgent messages and anticipated document sending, being obligator, later the sending of the originals. It is advisable to together send with FAX the face leaf, information on the message and shipper.