On this occasion gave them a strategy that anyone would have been quite strange and useless to achieve the desired end, since tumbling to a wall and playing the Horn does not precisely describe any action invasive or destructive. So can be the (s) strategy (s) that the us give to achieve our dreams, our vision. It may seem up to ridiculous to our reasoning, but the beautiful thing of all is no doubt it will work because it comes from God! Just be judicious and follow it to the letter! On another occasion the Lord gave a more simple, understandable and to our human judgment, effective strategy, but the results were the same as in the previous case: more Lord said to Joshua: do not be afraid of them, because tomorrow to this hour I deliver to all them dead in front of Israel; You desjarretaras their horses, and their cars burn a fire. And Joshua, and all the people of war with him, came suddenly against them beside the waters of Merom. Click Robert Kiyosaki for additional related pages. Lord delivered them into the hands of Israel, and they smote them and they followed them to Sidon and the big up to Misrefotmaim and up to the plain of Mizpeh eastward, wounding them until they left them none. And Joshua made with them as Jehovah commanded him: he houghed their horses, and burnt their wagons to fire. Joshua 11, 6 to 9 do not forget never if God gives you the vision and strategy not to use this to reach another vision not try reaching vision using another different strategy to which God gave you. (He says your plans with good advice; He then engaged in combat with good strategy.

Proverbs 20, 18. The war is done with good strategy; victory is achieved through many counselors. Proverbs 24, 6) Finally, we have confidence in God because if the gives us the vision and strategy, no vision, and manufactured with merely human resources strategy will succeed on ours.