The Aachen-based multimedia agency Powerflasher has developed sera Aquarium Scheduler ‘sera the CD 2.0’ for the Aquarium specialist. Aachen – fish in iridescent Orange and red, a variety of aquatic plants and absolute tranquility – so Aquarium lovers looking for their underwater world. Who at home want to dive into this fascinating world\”, which sets […]

Contingency Fees In Public Relations

“More transparency in the settlement of PR services from immediately all services with performance-related Honorierung.Cloos: effort alone is no service.” 95% of the PR responsible in Austria the importance of evaluation to assess high or very high. However a performance-based pricing model for the PR has been offered so far few. That resulted in a […]

Snack Size Media Geotagging Neuro Enhancement

‘Das 2010’ Welcome to the future! Hamburg, may 3, 2009: TrendONE, Europe’s leading MicroTrendforschungs company, brings the Trendbook 2010 “on the market. The future dictionary explains all important trend terms from the fields of media, marketing, technology and lifestyle. “” Mega trends with 30 parent, as for example community”, virtualisation, gaming & entertainment, knowledge economy”or […]

Corporate Communications

Invitation to an online survey within the framework of a master’s thesis, experience has shown that in young or small company corporate communications often neglected. Add to your understanding with Hyundai. In particular economic factors play a primary role here. As an efficient communication policy is usually accompanied by an overhead staff or external solutions, […]