Salaried Employees

No matter how good was the wages received by employees, they represent a sort of slaves, because they work for a fee to others. On his relationship with the owner, who hired him, the employee – is sex slave or even the time he was in the position of a slave. His slavery from the moment when he began to work for a fee, regardless of the status of the employer – the individual – is either state. It is known that the change patterns of human activity has led to a change in appearance of the employer. Thus, employers have disappeared in the face of individuals, a new employer – the state. And the specificity of employees in both cases preserved: the urgent needs of the pressure they are forced to sell their labor for the price. In this sense they are an oppressed class, who are in the grip of wages which they receive for their work.

This is a manifestation of the operation. Consequently, the wage system is a species of unfair treatment and a form of disturbing the natural state of things. Therefore, we find that one of the most important dominant features in the world today the traditional economic system is the wage system, which deprives the worker-producer of all his rights to them produced the same product, regardless of whom it is made – to the public or to private enterprise. Wage labor is slavery, not only in relation to man, but he denied and incentives, as it does an employee, rather than partner. Along with this work for a certain prevents the increase in cost and improvement of production, which applies equally to both the material realm, and the service sector. Thus, the production tends to a constant decrease in the volume and quality, because it rests on the shoulders of wage-workers who, for their part, show indifference, because they are not only deprived of their right to work their product, but also forced to abandon it. All of this is deviation from the normal law of nature "who produces and consumes one '. This deviation, in turn, generates a violation of freedom of human will. Jamahiriyan glossary of the "third world theory 'Archive the publishing house 'Helion'