Andrade Research

Given the individual importance of each area of the involved knowledge in this work, meetings they are complemented in the direction to facilitate the understanding of the reality and to reach one to know common, aiming at to assist the pupil in the development of the abilities demanded in the formation of an administrator. In face to the dynamism of the modern world, the companies must have a directed enterprising vision to the administrative proceedings and productive, searching with this more operational efficiency and the satisfaction of the consuming market. For in such a way, the technological advance became essential in the functioning of these organisms. As it affirms Chiavenato (2003, p.16), ' ' the technology provides bigger efficiency, bigger precision and the release of the activity human being for complicated tasks more than demands planning and criatividade' '. For one better agreement of these processes, was considered the students of the course of administration of the FACEX, the accomplishment of a study of case in a company (it exempts choice) so that it was analyzed as if practical organizacionais accomplish its. For in such a way, the pupils had been guided to carry through exploratria research for the bibliographical survey that could subsidize the elaboration of the work. As Andrade (2009, p.114), ' ' the exploratria research is the first step of all work cientfico' '.

The study it contributed with the academic formation of the researchers that search one better agreement concerning as the administrative functions are developed: to plan, to organize, to direct and to control. However in the enterprise scope these performances constitute the formula of the organizacional success of the company, leading it the reach of its final objective. The company chosen for accomplishment of this work was the Martelinho de Ouro, in which a investigativa research was carried through where it collected itself given that they had subsidized in the elaboration of this article.