Promoting Your Product

First consider the easiest to some extent and effective way to advertise: leaflets + promoter. The circulation of leaflets will cost no more than 1000 rubles for 1000. Cheapest promoter – 50-70 rubles per hour. 4 hours (average working hours per day) a promoter able to get rid of 200-300 leaflets, most of which will be immediately in an urn. Total, we obtain for 2680 rubles from 40 potential buyers and customers from 4-6 during the immediate effect. 670 rubles for the buyer is expensive, no matter how lucrative is not your business. And it should be note that this option does not fit all, if we take a competent promoter (from 600 rubles per hour), the effect will be more, but it is still not acceptable for commodities Premium and the vip. Advertising newspaper with free distribution to our city abound, unfortunately, these publications has remained a small audience, which is limited by the bulk of these pensioners. In many editions of the plan often overstated price, for example, a exit advertising module of the smallest size will have to pay about 1900 rubles. It is expensive, if your potential customers are not retirees. We specialized reference books format “Goods and Prices” or “construction” has its own audience, aimed at the organization, the purchasing department, suppliers. Here the value for the effect of optimal, for a narrow target audience. Now in Ufa is very common advertising in elevators and doorways. Advertising on this medium is effective in if you are offering consumer goods with low life-cycle of the goods or alerts about current promotions.