Censorship and impact

Censorship and impact on society and the media should be noted that the work is written in a post-Second World War when the world’s population is desperately seeking answers to new social order. Europe is in a moment of confusion trying to make sense of social norms that are inherited from the monarchies of the past century, in the same manner that gives rise to ahigh-class proletarian migration ability and need. This is the kind that will shape the future based on his youth and enthusiasm and has a strength and a force which is difficult to resist. A wave of immigration of majestic dimensions in the United States, Latin America and elsewhere, is done by people like Stan, who represent youth, new blood on the progress of the new nations, a generation that speaks with honesty and despises the arrogance and pretensions of the imperial order, which quickly dies.It’s in those days the British Empire is gone, the strength of communist societies is feared and admired, ancient empires fade and new countries form military alliances and economic cooperation. Blanche comes from southern United States, is a member of a family and a society that represents the old values that were inherited from the Imperial Europe, his name is French plantation, and even its name is French. This sector of American society advocates racism and intolerance of another kind of life that is not traditional, polite, cultured and aristocratic. A lifestyle inevitably approaching its demise. At his death. Blanche’s character embodies this metaphor, a fragile young lady with a shady past society, which wishes to conceal his past, cares about appearances and yet arouses suspicion.The face reality and being raped by force and brutality of those who despise and who is attracted at the same time, destroys what little sanity he has left, causing your life to lose consciousness and all reason for existence. A Streetcar Named Desire is a metaphor for the human condition, the meeting of cultures, and the inevitability of conflict between life and death, the understanding of this reality and the representation of it then makes the work of Tennessee Williams has an influence in the definition of the word I want in the rest of the twentieth century culture. It is from this work that the American business world and begin to create other plays, films and books that address topics and concepts prohibited until then, based on this work, our idea of what the desire is forged by the media. A Streetcar Named Desire, as expected, aroused admiration in some and disdain in others.At first the audience of that time did not stand to see the complete work, especially the rape scene. People left the theater halfway through the book. Censorship tried to delete this scene and modify the original argument, and Tennessee had to make some adjustments, but by refusing to remove that scene and make major modifications, the members of censorship forced changes were made so that it peronajes committing immoral acts were duly punished, only then would allow Tennessee to continue with its staging and later with his film. Fortunately, its success could not be contained and is now part of world heritage.