Presence Phobia Money

By the way, the snake phobia is the fear ofidiofobia and insects, entomofobia. There are plenty of eager living in fear of ruin or be ruined: who should behave well being diagnosed atefobia, fear of ruin. And if your fear is to weapons he will have to be congratulated for their common sense (how have you no fear of weapons?) And a name for his aversion: balistofobia, fear of weapons and ammunition. Common sense is also the cancerophobia or carcinofobia: fear of cancer disease for which medical science still must win the most important battles. The claustrophobia and xenophobia are two of the most popular fears.

In the first case, the fear of enclosed spaces and in the second, anti-foreigner. The claustrophobic should refrain to go to small rooms, dark and closed tunnels, corridors or rooms without windows and, of course, should avoid custodial sentences explaining that the latter recommendation applies to all mortals even if they are of sound mind, free from all phobias. Who suffers from xenophobia must do everything possible to heal, because of globalization, present today in all places and at all hours, imposes on us the need to live and interact with nationals of various countries, cooperate, join them, help them and, conversely, receive cooperation, support and help from them. Xenophobia became, therefore, not only harmful and unnecessary, but also completely anachronistic. It is not certain that there is someone with this illness but, if ever, mentioned the cibofobia, fear of food and crometofobia, fear of money (I have not yet found the first little patient of this disease) or touch the money, rare disease recommended for employees of institutions of the financial system. Not know if they have had to do with the lake increasing volume of transactions which do not require the presence of paper money and the increasingly frequent use of so-called plastic money. There are so many phobias sufisciente not space in this column to detail all. And since there are still many for which there has been coined the term precisely.

A friend to whom I gave a reading of the draft text said, "you are missing the most important phobia." What I asked? "Phobia that damn sport, football, women have their fault we were widows when they pass the game on TV, you must include the futbolfobia, he said" The truth my research to find the little word suggested by my friend have been completely unsuccessful. At best I found futbolmania, behavior that is not enough to be considered a fear but an addiction and would become the opposite of what women suffer. Then accept, as we find a word more appropriate to designate futbolfobia anger, rejection, terror football. In the future can determine whether it is more dangerous or futbolfobia futbolmania. I do not think it easy to discover the cure for either, and when it is hopefully not a drug to be applied through a hypodermic injection because it was proven that futbolmaniacos, including this writer, tend to suffer as well belenofobia , ie, fear of needles. Well, I think at this point is better to finish not to run the risk of causing the kind readers bored to the point that someone will take a phobia of phobia. In this case we have to diagnose it as a victim of fobofobia, or phobia of phobias.