Medicine And Diagnoses

We either make ourselves weak, or make ourselves strong. amount of work the same. Carlos Castaneda, "Journey to Ixtlan" Our world today – it seems to be the world enough educated people. But the knowledge gained in the process studies, often have little to do with the nature of man and the world. Modern medicine can be explained from a scientific point of view of almost all processes in the human body. But that people do not become healthier, they do not become easier transfer sores. Infectious and viral diseases on the contrary increases. A huge number of women with great difficulty goes to work in the critical days (and do not go – it happens) or fleeing pain medications.

In children over an allergy. Recently, more common opinion that the disease really is (oddly enough) help us. She seemed to indicate that there are violations in the body and they must find and fix, and not just with pharmacology mute visible symptoms. Correct violations – it means restoring a balance that is disturbed us all the time. And the most unpleasant – systematically. On a healthy lifestyle now there is a lot of different information. Not all methods will suit everyone. But as soon as the painful symptoms are felt, not only to take the medicine, we must carefully monitor their health and help, the body itself to cope with illness (he is able and very cool!) You must try the various elements of a healthy lifestyle and be sure to choose a huge image of her! The author is constantly engaged in this for the past 10 years, of course, share their practices.

If you just heal disease, not to help your body become healthier, then place one sore, there may be dozens of others, and are generally more "refined". Example: healing the hemorrhoids, there is a risk of catching gynecological disorders in women with pathological changes in the prostate gland in men. Although it is actually the cause of all this can be Uncorrectable vertebral subluxations lumbar area. As well as the systematic violations of food or water balance – insufficient intake of a normal hard water is not digested and hemorrhoids come back again. Of course, we are far from that cup port wine or glass of brandy may cause a serious imbalance. But then, we offer all the same to rehabilitate: ten descents with Trostyan (winter course), a couple of miles in the pool (sea, river) or ten miles on a bicycle (the best in the country), and, of course, you can have your worthy ways to "rehabilitation." It's great that modern science has not only improves the pharmaceutical drugs, but also offers a new and more improved hygiene, equipment for prevention and self-control. Often, in spite of the huge modern education is difficult to keep up with innovations and parse them yourself. The first adviser – is, of course the same doctor that you trust. Often, a piece of advice can give friends or relatives, but they only consider the situation from their own experience. A lot of useful can be found on specialized sites, including also at our: Anionmarket, medical instruments. Let us help your immunity!