This strategy of Napoleon, is of great help to dominate your time. React immediately and consciously against frequent occasions that involve risk of misuse of your time. Accurately identify your habits and particular attitudes that make you waste time. Time is one of the most valuable resources, but is a good which can not be saved. Time passes continuously and is impossible to recover if it is wasted. The 3 key actions of the time management are planning, prioritize and schedule tasks. 1 Plans tasks a tasks list is an ordered list where you must write all the tasks that you must perform.

This allows us to group together all similar activities, or which must make in one place and organize the best time to carry them out with the minimum expenditure of resources. To-do lists are essential when you need to make a large volume of different tasks. If you feel that always failures by having forgotten to do something, then it is time that you start to use a task list to improve your productivity. Although to-do lists often appear very simple, actually are very powerful and extremely useful. 2 Prioritizes tasks in the work plan is not enough to have multiple lists, it is important that you provide for each task a priority level that will tell you the order in which you perform them. To prioritize tasks, you have to assess the following aspects: the complexity or dependence on other tasks. The complexity.

The importance. The deadline dates. 3 Calendar tasks to prioritize tasks and agendarlas for its execution, it is important to try to follow to the letter the baseline plan and deal with the problems according to their priority. Thus, at the end of the day you will have the satisfaction of seeing how diminishes your list of tasks to do. The next step is to establish the dates of critical activities. These tasks must be carried out according to the plan, since a delay in any of them could mean the failure of your project or the loss of a client. It is essential that your priority analysis and rate them to determine if they are critical or not, and so define the dates of realization to achieve a better time management. Carlos Gallego creator of the course dominates Tu time rejoinder Tu productivity in 7 days, click DominTuTiempo.