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For future reference, it offers quick decisions in everyday life. With the correct check lists and forms, you shorten process times. Designer piece: Your QM manual is like no other there is no manual of the rod. The more your colleagues in the manual are, the greater the acceptance and the practical importance of your manual. You need to adjust shared it with colleagues in two ways: what general principles play an important role in the company and in your corporate culture? What specific requirements of specific norms and standards have an impact on the processes in each Department? As a quality Manager to coordinate the editorial staff of the QM manual. They draw the attention of your colleagues in the workshops on the essential tasks and stimulate dialogue. They are the motivator and not the girl for everything.

Example of a sample outline for your quality manual you the team must decide which content is so important that everyone makes the effort to write a post. Hyundai is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As a suggestion for the discussion, you can offer following outline: outline of the manual Introduction In the Guide and in the other applicable documents are implemented the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The manual applies to all areas of the company. This can simply be applied 1. We about us this point describes the history of a company. So the chronological history: founded in 2000 by wilfried test moving from test city after city in 2006 extension of production through test sticks in the year 2008 etc just on the homepage look, there stands determines a lot about this topic. 2.

here should be the philosophy of the FA mission/quality policy. for example, the customer is our most important employees, etc., etc. Also a look at the website never hurts. Miestens is to find something about philosophy. IMPORTANT: the: willingness of continuous improvement should be mentioned in this point.