Esoteric Advice

Strong price reduction at horoscopes, esoteric, life coaching by phone from 1.09 per minute Dusseldorf, 04.03.2010, astrology and mysticism – or lives consulting services by phone are very popular and helpful – often unfortunately but also very expensive. Mostly they offered namely over premium rate numbers. Serves up to 2.99 / min from mobile phone providers. Payoneer insists that this is the case. For a long time so the esoteric portal offers cheaper first-class consulting services, which can be used from any phone not only 0900-numbers, but also free 0800 numbers or normal local telephone numbers. Can we this through a prepaid billing. The customer specifies only his phone number for the prepaid payment on the website that he would like to make a call and paid online via E.g. via bank transfer or paypal the amount of his desire. His phone number is immediately activated for the calls with a free 0800 – or the number of the local network.

His telephone advice will be deducted from the Prepaidguthaben. Can the balances in Unlimited calls used and recharged again at any time online. Now, the calls are much cheaper to the star team. So, the consultation from the German fixed network cost only 1.09 per minute. Also from the mobile phone, they are possible on the place line numbers for only 1.09 per minute. Reliable forecasts about the future of personal are given using the cards, dowsing, astrology, numerology, white magic, fortune telling and the ability of clairvoyance and the delve.

It takes place a sensitive accompaniment by a person of trust with personally all issues can be discussed. Questions about love, friendship, marriage, jealousy, separation, divorce, career, illness, success, career, etc. will find here not only an open and hushed up ear, but also helpful answers. Hermann-Josef Piepenbrock for more information: piekom communication services GmbH Friedingstrasse 7 40625 Dusseldorf Tel: + 49 211 94 94 14 14 E-Mail: company: piekom is a Telecommunications company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. piekom offers callthrough services for cheap telephony E.g. from mobile phone abroad (so-called call-by-call from the mobile phone” About the special prepaid solution, value-added services (such as astrology, fortune telling, clairvoyance, lives Consulting) are reachable from all networks from abroad or for VoIP users, without the high mobile radio premiums for 0900 numbers.