Counseling Online

Important aspects of computer-mediated communication of important aspects of the online consultation are determined by the specifics of computer-mediated communication, because in text-based communication without the direct face-to-face contact are advantages as well as disadvantages E.g. by the sense channel reduction (Doring, 2003) established for the consulting work at the same time. The absence of non-verbal and Acoustic stimuli meets skepticism many advisors. Communication in the mail and chat consultation is bound only to the written language (Visual channel), other items such as gestures, facial expressions and vocal range, i.e. the activation of other sensory channels, accounts for (channel reduction). This reduction on text changed form and mode of operation of the communication and has an influence on the consultation methodology. Reduction on the writing stimulates the own imagination and willingness to projection and leads to the paradoxical effect of increasing sensation sense channel reduction.

Substitute for the non-verbal communication and the verbal expression of the own mood can afford the so-called emoticons (E.g. happy, laughing), or even action words such as * wink * or * grins *. The observation of leveling effects due to low social cueing is also important for the online counseling. This social inhibitions, controls, privileges and barriers be reduced. This can lead to positive effects (kindness), but also negative effects (increased hostility). In the last 15 years, a comprehensive process of professionalisation in the field of psychosocial online advice took place in Germany.