Prof Aesthetic

Wide range of lasers and applications in Hofheim, March 2011. According to current estimates of the German society for oral and maxillo – facial surgery (DGMKG), aesthetic Laser Medicine is one of the most common procedures of all aesthetic operations. The areas of application in the face range from wrinkle treatment of targeted areas or […]

Optimize Hair Growth

Even if baldness there with K17 significant success. We recommend the product but also men with receding hairline or thinning hair. More and more young men, hair problems come to us, it not only older men are affected. LEA Winkler: Can you explain the hair loss with these young people? Mrs reason: When we began […]

ROWA Pharmacy

Efficiency in English pharmacy Kelberg/Prestatyn, 7.01.2010. Since October 2009, the Pritchards pharmacy in Prestatayn, UK works with a picking machine of ROWA automatisierungssysteme GmbH. The BBC recently reported on the positive effects for the pharmacy. “The owners of Prichards pharmacy Dr. Fraser and Jacqui Campbell told the renowned BBC their experiences as follows summarised: we […]

Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis offers a variety of ways to solve problems of everyday life hypnotists and Hypnotherpeuten assume that the unconscious of each individual all opportunities and resources are, to cure diseases. More and more physicians, coaches and life advisors have recognized this targeted aid and successfully apply the hypnosis. The applications and possibilities of hypnosis are […]

Where Does The Dentures?

Board of Trustees perfect dentures (KpZ) advises patients to ask about bridge, Crown, Denture manufacture: hardly a patient asks his dentist at the beginning of the treatment, where his tooth replacement is to be made. Abroad or at the masters lab from the region? Cheap import or proven quality and safety? “The KpZ advises: talk […]

Kropcke Angela

Life coaching: Angela Jaffe opened new fine material practice Hannover Hannover, the 27.10.2010. Many people know it: some days you feel desperate, sad or scary seemingly for no apparent reason. Others suffer years separating their partner, although they do everything to forget him. The fine fabric consultant Angela Jaffe understands the concerns and the grief […]

Diabetes And Vitamin B1 Deficiency

About half of all people with diabetes mellitus will develop a so called diabetic neuropathy. Mannheim-08.07.2009 – the causes of nerve damage can be also a vitamin B1 deficiency in addition to chronically elevated blood sugar levels. Elevated blood sugar levels destroy nerves and blood vessels. The symptoms are pain, muscle paralysis, or decreased sensation […]

Munster Center

The facilities in Munster at the highest level is technically and the staff is very knowledgeable. This competence is reflected in particular in the intersecting area between the limits of indication hearing aid and CI. So the combination solution cochlear implant and hearing aid on the other side often results excellent results, provided, the systems […]

Eye Lasers

Eye lasers can be in Istanbul is a popular alternative to the treatment in Germany LASIK stands for ‘LASER In situ Keratomileusis’ and it is a treatment for short-sightedness, a far-sightedness, and Rod-sightedness. The OP has replaced while largely this eye laser procedures PRK because the faster recovery time and minimal discomfort. It is the […]

On The Streets, It Is Dark

A Germany-wide night vision test helps the traffic safety in autumn and winter driving in dark, wet and snow often becomes a risky enterprises. Many people are hidden in the poor visibility in the dark winter months, irritated and often strained. According to the Federal Association of ophthalmologists, every fifth driver suffers from night vision […]