Career Advice: Is CV Obsolete As A Main Tool ?

In a day of background checks, interviews, pre-employment drug screening and multiple, which resumes are appropriate? According to many of the successful job seekers, not very well. A growing number of new hires say that resumes were not crucial to landing the job. Instead, simply played a role in sealing the deal. If that is true, it means that mail resumes and waiting for the phone to ring is the last thing any recent graduate or serious job seeker will want to do. It is no secret that many big companies waste thousands of hours scanning and combing over resumes that may not even be viable. This is because they tend to store tens of thousands of them in a process that is antiquated and inefficient. By some estimates, companies or even move to scanning a resume until at least two to six months after receipt. Once in your system, you can sit there for up to five years.

This production system is fed by a fear of lawsuits, misplaced ambition to hire the cream of the crop and imbedded bureaucracy at its worst. A good resume will get you a job yet, but may not be what you want. Too many job seekers make the mistake of bulk mail, mail or fax out resumes. This invites unwanted responses offering lesser positions or false proposals from professional recruiters trying to get you registered with your agency. Read the fine print before you send anything to anyone. Companies of all sizes are using employment agencies short-listed.