There to be aware all the time, and we have to work. She does not know anything, but must be 24 hours pending. People can say that he would never put his mother in a residence and I say to you that that cannot be say until it is not time, and advise you to pray so that your home does not Alzheimer’s. We can not feel guilty why, but not us, and less if there is no other alternative. We neither can nor we should feel ashamed by what they say. Where each individual scan their demands, his situation and his possibilities, feel guilty, leave aside the criticisms and starts to feel safe and at the same time quiet with his life. We need to know our possibilities to thereby know our goals and not live something unattainable and feel bad for this reason. To recognize our mistakes, forgive and pedonarse self and learn to follow with what there is.

When we started to make us start to have dreams and goals, but sometimes things don’t go as we thought, but not why we have to head down. We need to have quality of life with what we have and learn to live if we do not have the life that sonabamos. The important thing is that we have that peace and that such a fundamental inner quiet. We feel not guilty above all with people crying, who pretend to be others when some accusers are, and go from victim.Whatever we, there will always be a reason that makes us feel good, always, so let’s look at what is good, and let what is not true, that does not help us, either something material, or person is something of ourselves and please, be happy.