I have heard very on empreendedorismo. The term seems to be in fashion. Mainly when we talk with famous generation Y (those in the band of the 20-30 years, more or less). Many have the speech of: ' ' I intend to work a little, to join my money to be able to open mine negcio' '. The cases of young are rare that has as objective to construct career in a company.

This seems that it was in the last generation. I do not go to extend itself in the quarrels of the reason of this anxiety in this article, but I go to explore a little of the consequncias of this ' ' will coletiva' ' for the work market and what it demands of the enterprising futures. If one slices of these people who desire as to career the Empreendedorismo in fact making, a logical consequncia that we will see will be the scarcity of man power for the work market, mainly when thinks about strategical positions. If to look at for the current market, already we will see that many companies face a problem in its pyramid of people: very it is complicated to find e, worse still to hold back collaborators for the way of the pyramid (that he corresponds to the positions of Coordenadoria and Gerncia). In other words, generation Y is difficult to catch and more difficult still to hold back. The retention is difficult for some reasons: this generation does not admit to be stop or being without challenge (I use myself of the generalismo, but I know that all rule has exceptions). Therefore, in case that if it feels bothered in a position or a company, this generation does not have problem none in looking new challenges. E, in some cases, as of who it speaks to you, the new challenge is to tame the enterprising world.