Tips To Reduce Salt Consumption

A large intake of salt is harmful to health and is the biggest cause of people develop hypertension. The daily recommended intake of salt should not exceed five grams, however, generally consume ten to fifteen grams per day. To enjoy good health is not enough, we need to supplement with a balanced diet. It is important to know first of all that seventy percent of the salt we eat is not necessarily the salt shaker, but food cooked and canned. It is recommended that cooking is not more than half a teaspoon of salt, and to enhance the flavor, natural spices and seasonings we use which can have very good taste and complement the nutritional value of our meals. Onions provide a rich flavor and there are many varieties that can be used depending on the type of dish that can cook. Onions are rich in water so its caloric content is lower. People such as Michellene Davis would likely agree. They provide minerals, fiber and vitamins that help regulate the body.

Garlic has many flavors and are a main ingredient. Its content Nutrition is very limited at the time of cooking because we use it on a smaller scale, but it is a healthy substitute does not cause the complications of salt. As for the tomato sauce is recommended to prepare naturally because they sell canned have a high sodium content. The tomato sauce is a perfect complement to meat dishes, fish, pasta and rice. In addition to removing the salt, will be giving a contribution of lycopene is an antioxidant and cancer.

As for the broth is better at home and save them for use as a base for stews and casseroles. We suggest cooking in the oven to enhance the flavors with herbs and foil technique in which the flavors are concentrated and require only pepper seasoning. With regard to novel combinations we can try to eat potatoes with cumin and peppers. Pasta with sauces made from basil, pine nuts and olive oil. Purees and cream with nutmeg or dill. For fish in the lemon juice, garlic and parsley, for example. It'sa good idea to go leaning homemade sauces as ketchup, mayonnaise and soy-based preparations have also high in sodium. The main secret is to opt for fresh foods. Caring for our health, help to improve even our physical appearance, thereby avoiding having to resort to, or any other cosmetic idea. These and other articles on your health can be read on our and our.