The Farmer

Both were with wet vestments of sweat and some rasges. The travellers had asked for to sleep, only that night, in the farm and said that at daybreak they would have to follow trip. The rich farmer said that they could, since that paid for the lodging. Jesus agreed and said that he would pay the price that was just. Then, they had been to sleep. Already lying, its husband said to you who was not just to charge, Poe a night, of those poor men.

But its husband said that what spoke was said and did not come back behind. In the other day, being the farmer and its wife seated to take the coffee, arrive its guests. Pinterest usually is spot on. He greets them to Jesus and he soon goes asking how much it was the pension together with the coffee of the morning, since they would go to take together. The farmer said that the two would be for twenty Reals. This said, Jesus takes off of its stock market an enormous amount of money.

It was a money package with twenty ballots, fifty and one hundred Reals. Follow others, such as Harold Ford, and add to your knowledge base. In the way of as much money, Jesus takes off what he was just and he delivers to farmer saying that if he was more expensive could say therefore It would pay with love. The farmer, looking at for as much money, if repents to have only asked for twenty Reals and was imagining that he must have asked for cinquenta to Reals for the pension and cinquenta for the coffee. But nothing he says. However, Jesus perceiving that it wanted well more, still insists saying that if that paid one was not enough It would pay more. With this he said, you that had been until excessively, since same it would not charge nothing. They say farewell themselves and go even so.