The Dynamic Slider Of Moodmixer Rotates

“Dynamic product lids as new and efficient advertising materials for affiliate marketing Hamburg October 15, 2009 – the dynamic slider” ( a product of Moodmixer GmbH is a non-stop product presentation and can be used for effective affiliate marketing now also by zanox customers. Others including Pinterest, offer their opinions as well. The motto of the dynamic of slider – finally moves what!”the specialists offered the Moodmixer GmbH, so far their product lids especially online stores and pages with comprehensive content on. the first affiliate zanox is network whose product database we have joined with our slider. Zanox advertiser and Publisher, we can generate product lids which depict selected products of all, several or just a provider. Through the dynamic display, a variety can be promoted in a small space products.

On request there is a custom version for your own online store “, explains Kerstin Laveatz enthusiastic Director of Moodmixer GmbH and adds. The dynamic is that the answer to the problem The so-called LONG TAIL marketing. Now also niche products with little effort and low cost can be promoted.” As the German market leader for performance-based online marketing accesses zanox a data bank with over 60 million products. This offers great advantages for publishers (publishers or affiliates) as well as for product providers (advertisers or merchants). For publishers the rotating display increases their chances for clicks disproportionately to classical and static ads, because they draw attention to themselves. The Publisher earned every click on one of the products. In the first ten displayed products even at 100 percent.

Only the following products Moodmixer GmbH consumed a portion of the Commission for providing the Slidertechnologie. The product providers get an effective marketing tool for their entire product range with the slider. The direct link to the zanox database the slider is automatically updated without any editorial work to be done – this saves time and money. A another effective tool of the sliders is the interactive search feature. The slider can be predefined with search words and show interesting products from the subject of the Web page for any first-time visitors. Visitors can even operate and specify your own search terms also increases the chance to click through and thus the possibility for the publishers and advertisers to increase their profits. With the interactive product slider we found a very promising new application for our application store, which enormously simplifies the advertise with product data. Therefore we see great potential and significant added value here just for our retail and shopping publishers”, says Daniel Neubauer, Director of Web services at zanox. The dynamic “is a Flash application.