The Customer

In areas of complex configurations of a tape symbol of developments since the majority cases from the wall from the front window. We present a case study and comment on the major challenges facing the interior designer at work, for example, over the installation of ceramic tile in the bathroom room. Thus, the designer took the size of the bathroom and after discussion with the customer all the nuances and desires come up with the design of this bathroom. Typically, the size of shoot twice: once more on the plastered walls, second time after the preparation of the walls to the tile installation. Of course, the designer came up with a complex design layouts of tiles and tile to order it and wait a month or more. If you order the tile after removing the size for the first time, we can subtract 20-25 mm on the size of the walls and get the estimated size of the bathroom. If the bathroom was very curve, then the plastering and the alignment will take much more space and dimensions of change essential, therefore, the number of tiles will be ordered wrong, but according to the drawings will be all right, because it can not account for how the singer will change the size of the walls – the so-called unpredictable the human factor. Also on the scans can not show the 1-2mm seam between the tiles may only make a signature. Sometimes the supplier, ordering tile catalog, gives false information on the size of the tile.