Social Economics

The real management of a good Dean is evaluated with facts, that beyond the political, power groups, special interests, friendship, is the moral responsibility, ethics, professional dynamically provide plans, actions that benefit the university, the faculty under his charge and therefore the country. Hence, we believe that finally a has been an awakening in the […]

The Investors’ Ambition Has Returned

The prices of commodities in general are having a somewhat unexpected recovery. this has been good news for those producing countries some of them, after the sharp slump experienced their contributions towards the last quarter of 2008 were bring more of a headache to their finances in a context of deep economic recession. The price […]

Senior Consultant Leadership Lab

To move towards greater customer satisfaction, companies must focus on satisfying the customer rather than just satisying themselves. 3. Manage customers difficult to touch. Quality service is what distinguishes one company from another. Much more than in the producing companies in service organizations. The actions of the people are the key to quality. The leadership […]