Real Madrid Against The Mystery

Madrid stepped on yesterday the capital of the Croatia in its history for the first time to resume the annual routine in Liga de Campeones, who, from 2002, repeats in search of his tenth trophy, tenth, turned so much into institutional currency as in advertising clich3e. The equipment arrived preceded by a sun from justice at a summer, the Balkan, who seems so it last like the Iberian. The delay the Dynamo of Zagreb in the Maksimir stage (20,45 hours, Autonomic). The Dynamo, leader of Croatian Liga, is the undergone equipment less of the group. It is the product of a relatively new, and therefore, mysterious project. He looks for to hold fast in the matches of the UEFA and their players assume in public who now its objective is to compete by the second place with the Ajax and the Olympique de Lyons. In prevailed, nevertheless, they wait for the encounter of today with the repressed fervor whereupon the culminating points in a professional race are waited. For the majority, the parties against Madrid can suppose good part of the next contract that sign. Source of the news: : Real Madrid against mystery