PVC Series

In Russia, siding company Mitten presented the following series: 1.Seriya "Taiga". This is an economic series, which combines the best quality and low price, the panels of this series do not have a through-stained, as if they consist of 2 parts: the outer – painted in desired color and interior – painted in dark, due to which and achieved savings. 2.Seriya Oregon Pride (Pride of Oregon). This series, unlike the previous one, is characterized by a wide variety of colors, solid and beautiful stained matte panels, panels texture mimics structure of the wood. 3.Seriya Estate. Elite Series, which is the pride of the producer, because combines the achievements of advanced technologies and scientific developments. Characterize a series of unconventional showy bright colors that do not fade in the sun. This series is for those who appreciate style and unique personality.

4.Seriya Sentry. New in the domestic market. A distinctive feature of this series is to use advanced technological developments in the field of color fastness and color saturation in combination with high-performance material. Vinyl siding is made as to cover the walls of the building, and for its socle part. Such materials are referred to as a basement or mezzanine PVC siding panels. Skirting panel is much thicker and denser than traditional vinyl siding on the structure sovey they mimic the surface Natural decorative materials: natural stones, bricks or shingles. As well as the siding, they require practically no effort to care. These panels can be used for decorating homes, and also designs commercial or industrial use.

In this case, lining can be subjected to the entire building, or it can be used for architectural selections, such as foundation, roof terraces, stairs site, pediments, flower boxes, chimneys. Decorative facing panels can serve as a perfect complement to the traditional vinyl siding. The most common mezzanine panels in our market is the product of the American company Nailite International. The company manufactures vinyl Nailite International panel for exterior cladding, characterized by durability, and complete similarity with natural materials. This material is resistant to weathered and well withstands the test of time. Made of polymer panels tested Nailite provide protection from insects and inclement weather. They can be installed on most building surfaces, thanks to the reliable and simple system of mutual fastening with studs and clips, making it easier to install them. Mounting system allows the panels to build up and tie. Complex feature of the expansion allows the use of these panels in any climatic conditions. The most common are bar imitating brick or masonry.