Preserve Nature

Nature provides man with everything necessary for a full and happy life, she created and sustains us. Its mechanism is designed to create harmony and interaction between different systems. You must love nature, without her to us. Oxygen, so necessary for all life, created by plants, in addition, many of the plants serve as human food and animal species are used as raw materials for various kinds of industries. Plants protect and serve as home to a myriad of living organisms, protect the soil from breaking down and just decorate our world.

Forests – is a unique place where we strive to get stuffy cities, places where we feel themselves as free and happy. Forests help us break out of the elements of factories, car exhaust, to breathe fresh air deeply, just a good time. One should not forget about all your favorite gifts forests: mushrooms and berries. No man on earth who would not love fresh berries, pastries and cocktails with their addition. Our nature is interesting and multifaceted. But, unfortunately, not everyone can see all its splendor and depth. Here should say not only about poachers or industrial enterprises discharging waste into rivers, but also each of us. Perhaps you have seen piled high with debris resting places of people, a man washing a car near a river or lake, florist selling lilies or other rare and endangered plants. You can list very long, but just want to say: take care of nature! We are not masters of nature, we are its components, if we do not respect it, so we do not respect ourselves.