Plants Expert Advice

* Introduction Before planting, you need to select and prepare a place for them. The decision on choosing a site can take yourself, or use the services of a landscape architect. The very process of training places have is particularly difficult, but be sure what demands the plants that we want to plant, to the location and soil. Planning for planting in the garden, you should pay attention primarily to their demands. Planting of selected plants, just because we like them, in an inappropriate place, gives short effect, and in 2-3 years, these plants begin to grow poorly and lose their smartness. * Soil Preparation Soil preparation before planting shrubs should be carried out very carefully, because after planting any amendments pose great difficulties. First of all, you need to clean the soil from typical construction debris, such as: gravel, lime pits, unwanted parts of foundations and other traces of construction work.

Such debris is a lot of valuable space reserved for the good of the earth, and above all, difficult landing plants. Thorough removal also requires all perennial weeds such as couch grass, vyunok, pink sow thistle, dandelion, etc. If you can, preferably for several months before the scheduled landing, spray area gerbetsidom continuum of 'Roundup', which is within 2-3 weeks will bring all the weeds along with their root system. Preparation is absolutely fresh, fertile soil is mandatory only in extreme cases. These actions are time-consuming, and usually enough to add sand for too dense and clay soil, or clay or oxidized peat for too sandy and dry.