Outer Tourism

To cross Spain, will be easier and cheap for the foreign tourists, thanks to the fact that they will be able to acquire an international bond, with this they will be able to travel in all the lines of High speed to competitive prices. By means of this flat tariff, that will be offered by the Network of Cities BIRD and the RENFE, with bonds of 7, 14 or 21 days, also they would benefit from another type of discounts like in: Hotels, restaurants, theaters and commerce, as long as they are localities pertaining to the network. Still the prices of bonds are not defined. Polished Francisco, alcande of River basin, considered that the package of seven days can have a cost of 60 Euros. The supply bonds, will only be able to be acquired of direct form, that is to say, without tourist operators of by means. The intensity of this new tourist plan, is that the foreign travellers can benefit from discounts in hotels, this way, can enjoy cheap hotels, without needing depriving itself of comforts. We are speaking of discounts in hotels of a 10% during the week ends and of 15% between week (with a minimum stay of two nights). The discounts in the restaurants, on the other hand, will be placed around 7%. In addition the Network to Cities BIRD has established an agreement with Turespaa by 200,000 Euros, this consists of abroad promoting the destinies with high speed in the offices of tourism of Spain. The mayor of River basin supports the benefits anticipated by the Network of Cities BIRD (River basin comprises of this network), and emphasized that one of the pillars that is allowing to mainly maintain a little the tourist activity in Spain and in River basin, is the outer tourism .