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You, like me, and like most humans take very fast a belief, a fashion, an idea person, a behavior, but costs a hundred times more to get that belief of our belief system. If you want to have new results in your life, it is obvious that you have to change some beliefs of your life, and precise beliefs that don’t serve you. It assumes that your desires are of divine nature, they are divine, God speaks through you, talk with your mouth. I say that, because an impressive number of people feels guilty if he wants something, i.e., he wants something, because desire is something natural in humans, but feels guilty for the mental programming of scarcity that has it. God created human beings in his face and likeness.

It is to say that you are a God in a physical body, you are of the same essence as God. You are a spirit, a be spiritual with human experience and not vice versa. Due to the mental programming of shortage we have from our childhood, when we perceive our wishes for wealth, a feeling that they are natural, legitimate, us floods of guilt, we say something like care, don’t be greedy, don’t be greedy, you’re going to burn forever in hell I don’t know if you think that way, but if you think so and you want at the same time being rich, will not ever get to be rich have to soon change that belief that you stop on your way to wealth. Practical exercise: 1. If you think that rich people are evil, that money is bad, that life is a struggle, to achieve something you have to sacrifice, that we are born to suffer and that it can not have everything in this world have a clear mental programming of scarcity, but at least you don’t blame is not yours faultIf it’s something, millions and millions of people in this world think alike, and for that reason are not rich, but they are poor, but has console with the idea that they are, at least noble. 2. If you have that mentality of scarcity, you accept it and you don’t want to replace it with a mindset of wealth, it is your problem, I can not help you to force. 3.

If you have that mentality of scarcity, but you do not feel well, feel that you’re not happy with your current situation and want to change your poverty to wealth, you have to be aware of that you have to reprogramarte on the mental subconscious level, pull all the ideas of scarcity and replace them with ideas of wealth. 4 If you already have these ideas of wealth, and believe it is your right by birth to be rich, happy and healthy, you’re on a good path, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, practically you don’t read this article. Video GRATUIT * or: how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business. Click here and download it now. In the end, leave me a comment on this article, your opinion matters me much. Thanks a lot.