International Commission

The Government of Guatemala has been involved in a fierce controversy following the murder of lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg, who recorded a video accusing President alvaro Colom, his wife and other officials of the Government of his death. In the video, which has already been published by several media, the lawyer assures that the reason for her murder related to the murder of his client, the industrialist Khalil Musa, who was killed on March 14. He also blamed on members of national associations and companies of having ordered or tolerated the murder of his client Khalil Musa, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank (Banrural) Rural Development, in which, according to Rosenberg, refused to cover up illegal and millionaire businessmen. For the same reason, the Government of Guatemala would also be interested in assassinating him. President alvaro Colom, as well as those involved have rejected charges; the Government of Guatemala faces a major political crisis.

The case is now in the hands of the International Commission against impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), the Attorney General’s Office and the FBI. This Monday the representative of the civic movement, composed of citizens who demand the resignation of President alvaro Colom, the Parliament of Guatemala presented a petition supported by more than 30,000 signatures requesting that it remove immunity to President alvaro Colom and is processed by the murder of lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg. Signatures were delivered a day after thousands of Guatemalans protested in the streets of the capital in two demonstrations organized for and against the Government of President alvaro Colom. Some called for the resignation of the President after being accused of participating in the murder of lawyer Rosenberg, while others expressed their support to the President, claiming that there is a campaign to destabilize the Government. The Government insists that there are two guatemalas making note on the ethnic and social composition of the demonstrators. But the problem is much more complex and is marked by high levels of impunity, poverty, violence and insecurity being experienced in the country. The case has produced a social alarm and is affecting the governance of the country, the population lives with a mistrust that in recent years has not been justice. The crisis which Guatemala finds itself became noticed internationally with this murder, but the situation the Guatemalan Government began from long ago, but with this this in sight.